Official Selection 2021

First Name Last Name Project Title Country of Origin
Jonathan Galland ACS France United States
Benjamin Lemelman 2022 (Quarantine Song No. 5) by Twelve Traxx United States
Surin Song Coma Korea, Republic of
Sabrina Lemos Hesitating (Vai não Vai) Brazil
Sabrina Lemos Hesitating (Vai não Vai) Brazil
Александр Серов Monamour - Just Like This (ft. Jana) Russian Federation
Ángel Pastrana ANA AND THE DRAGO Spain
Adam Harasimiuk The Yule Brothers - I Am On Fire Canada
Marisa Di Muro Dancing Moon United Kingdom
Chris Friend Geneva Jacuzzi's Casket United States
HIROAKI HIRAKATA colloidal_platinum_sai Japan
Clark MacLeod Stronger Canada
Dwight L. Wilcox II Storybook Man United States
Niels Ostenfeld Byrd - Gør Det her Denmark
Conny Conrad When I see you Germany
Konrad Zeiner NEONHELD - In the South of Good and Bad Germany
Dimitri Kwenda Dimitri & The Scarecrow - Act of War Zimbabwe
Allen Ling Straight Into The Ocean United States
Tereza Hirsch Lovemaking Czech Republic
Hazel Chandler Bread 'n' Butter Sierra Leone
Marta de las Heras Firebird Spain
Moira Rowan If You Can Walk, You Can Dance United Kingdom
Jia Wei Shen Amazing Show - The Ultimate Virus Taiwan
Michelle Huveneers Jeangu Macrooy | Birth Of A New Age Netherlands
Mr. Corazon Soulmates United States
Davi de Graaff Get Closer Brazil
Ewa Sztefka Self-creation Poland
Hillary Carrigan Intermodal Transportation United States
Zack Kasten Mestizo & Controller 7 - Promised Land (ft. D-Styles) United States
Jonny Smith Music in Contrary Motion Canada
AMARU - Champagne Attitude (Rap-Titude Mix) Not Specified
Andrew Arrakis Aspen - Someone Other Russian Federation
Philippe Funk Love´s worst nightmare (ft. Liz Kretschmer) Luxembourg
Kahra Keyes Counterfeits of Control United States
Thomas Leloup Sous les Néons France
Lucas Fiederling Space Chaser - Remnants of Technology Germany
Sptmbr Creative Productions Smile Mexico
Michael Robertson ALWZ SNNY - Wasted ft. Krysta Youngs United States
Ricky Kej Mother Earth India
Fredrik Gabrielsson Logical Mind Switzerland
Cecelia Condit I've Been Afraid United States
Raphael Fabre Diabolical France
Michael Johnson My Deepest Darkest Friend United Kingdom
Diego Soncin Pandemonium United Kingdom
Marielle Tepper Its Not The End of The World Czech Republic
Maxime None The Embrace Germany
Sabine Kahwaji DON'T BELIEVE IN Canada
Kathleen Hrayssi Phone Call Australia
Davey Bakker Naar het Blauw Netherlands
Justine Faure-Vincent FEEL France
Helena Gajalyan & Bartosz Szpak Love Not Specified
Brooke Josephson The Official Rainbow Music Video United States
Luis Fernando Franco Valenzuela Hyenna Mexico
Carlos de la Fuente Lucas-Torres Psych Spain
Gille Klabin Jane Leo - "Tell Me" United States
Paolo Battista Tonino's song Italy
Jon Meyer Darlin United States
Ash Gray Begin Again Australia
devin febbroriello "Clearing" By Dolphin Midwives Official Music Video United States
Thomas Hansen Dr. Madman Norway
Gunther Schumann When uuuuuuuu Sleep Germany
Carlos de la Fuente Lucas-Torres Kandra - Abyssal Falls Spain
Davide Carta Holding On - Rees Lucia Australia
Roman Przylipiak Dialogues Poland
ayano yokoyama GHOSTS AND ALL Japan
Jack Wilkinson Witch - The People Versus United Kingdom
Cyrill Durigon VEXOH — A memory capsule France
Aric Johnson Walk Into the Water United States
Ioannis Koutroubis Ouverture Canada
Daniel Prypchan La Isla Bonita Australia
Natalya Shirshova SANSARA Russian Federation
George Kostopoulos Chelsea sings "Love Comes Quietly" United States
George Kostopoulos Prelude & Fugue in Dm United States
Emma Paunil Soul Flame Official Music Video United States
Axel Werner Color Your Mind Germany
Kevin Short The Maywaves -Pulse United Kingdom
Benjamin Murphy Stevan - Hope It's Not (Music Video) Australia
Maria Ponomariova SENUM Belarus
Transhuman Collective Voyager India
Janos Peter Firkin - Still Alive! Hungary
Jessica DeShong Bananas! United States
Gen Asada dodone Japan
George Kostopoulos The Big Apple Grind United States
Maria Eva Albistur El Rayo Argentina
Zachary Tirgan And Love Is (Official Music Video) United States
David Podgornik Till next time Slovenia
Jamie Brightmore 'Becoming the Nightmare' - Andy Gillion United Kingdom
Eren Iscioglu Yahya - Kendini yorma Turkey
Paola Samoggia NO CRASH, spaziorisonante Italy