Dada Sutra - DIVA

Music Video of the song DIVA by Dada Sutra

Directed by  Marco Panichella /Italy/

Ophelia's Aria - Opera Music Video

Opera music video of the Ophelia's aria - from the opera "Hamlet"
“À vos jeux, mes amis...” by Ambroise Thomas

Directed by  Mario Bergmann /Germany/

CNVX - Panic Attacks

Panic is an intense psychological drama about a protagonist who is suddenly overwhelmed by panic attacks. Control over his life is slipping as invisible demons threaten him. An emotional roller coaster develops between maintaining an outwardly normal life and internally battling insecurity. The film explores the physical and emotional effects of panic attacks and offers a visually stunning journey through the highs and lows of the human psyche. Panic is a powerful and authentic narrative about the challenges of mental health.

Directed by Michael Jungha /Germany/


An intriguing love affair of proselytizing, anxious, paranoid state of minds, Set within a sugar coated dystopian realm. What could possibly go wrong?

Directed by  Jamie Francis Windless, Ananda Jayne Howard /United Kingdom/

Rigmor - Alt Det Du Gør

In this music video for the danish band Rigmor, we see the result of being in a toxic relation.

Directed by  Nana Nancy /Denmark/

talk it out

The official music video of Ava Della Pietra's original song "talk it out".

Directed by  Adam Lukowski /United States/


Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Russian society has polarized in three directions with regard to power: Submissiveness, protest, support. In the music video "Tension", a dance performance reflects the physical and emotional sensations of unjust war in an unjust state: convulsions, panic, heavy breathing. A cry of rage and hopelessness. In the middle of the video, a flag is thrown, symbolizing bloody, terrible ideas. In the final section, the individual is transformed into a faceless mass that follows dubious ideas, leading not to success but to downfall.

Directed by  Dariya Susak, Pavel Pakhomov, Nina Frolova /Germany/


Harry and his best friend Teddy, are looking for somewhere to go for the night out when Harry spots a mysterious cowboy figure passing by. Driven by an unexplainable pull, he follows the figure into a nearby bar, slipping into a surreal world where the boundaries between dreams and reality blur.

Directed by  Vincent Kelsey /Austria/


This clip is a contemporary telenovela that shows the different emotions we can feel when one person we love goes away, leaving us behind with only an object. To heal, it can be tempting to destroy every reminder and forget everything. But the best way to get over it is to accept things changes and to embrace how grown the journey made us.

Directed by  Léna Charlon /France/

We Are

Daniella is reconnecting with the elements of the earth and running away from a mysterious Hermit that follows her until she realizes she's only running from herself and chooses to reunite in harmony.

Directed by  Diego Salazar Cely /United States/

Carry On - The Gertrudes

A music video / dance performance that grapples the tension between modes of survival and resilience during times of crisis. This dance based narrative was inspired by the mental health issues of isolation and loneliness exacerbated by the COVID pandemic, the climate crisis which led to forest fire smoke that flooded many parts of Canada in the summer of 2023, and a tragic house fire in the songwriter's neighbourhood.

Directed by  Josh Lyon /Canada/

I, Cyborg 

I, Cyborg is a visually stunning art-video that fuses contemporary dance and futuristic film. Set in a post-apocalyptic environment, the video portrays two beings attached to abandoned machines, raising questions about their existence and the fine line between survival and enslavement. Against this backdrop, a mesmerising figure of electricity—a woman dressed in gold—beckons the protagonists, leading them on a journey of emancipation and fleeting moments of freedom that ultimately lead to their demise. The video's aesthetics and unique lightwork make it an artistic masterpiece that harmoniously complements the music and lyrics. I, Cyborg takes inspiration from Donna Haraway's Cyborg Manifesto, delivering deeply political and disruptive lyrics that challenge traditional notions of gender while exploring the intricate relationship between animals and machines.

Directed by  Clément Clareton, Eva Schumacher /France/

Main Theme

"Main Theme," the new dance music video of German film composer Til Kolare, starring dancer Paulina Brunner, premiered on February 2, 2024.

The video follows the story of a dancer swiftly leaving the confines of an enchanted staircase in a mystical apartment complex. Through captivating choreography and expressive movements, the film explores the theme of liberation and self-discovery. The dancer's journey unfolds against the backdrop of this magical setting, creating a visually striking and emotionally resonant experience for the audience.

Directed by  Felix Abraham /Germany/


Watch out! Be careful if you see a pretty girl on a beach!

Directed by  Amanda Whiteley /United States/


RAEGAN is reimagined as a fairytale character trapped inside of a swamp cottage. She must find a way to reckon with the barrage of frogs trying to break down her door.

Directed by  Maya Marzuki Peters /United States/

22HERTZ | Wrong | Music Video

Music Video of "Wrong," a rock music video by 22Hertz, directed by Ralf Muller in his directorial debut, delivers a powerful commentary on the state of the world and our role in it. The entire project was filmed inside an LED volume room.

Directed by  Ralf Muller /Canada/

Ride a Cloud

Stranded on Earth, an astronaut endeavours to recreate the euphoria of weightlessness he once felt when travelling through space in space, enlisting the help of an enigmatic group of otherworldly allies along the way...

Directed by  Jamie Johnstone / United Kingdom/

Daddy Tissues 

Nicolas Bro finds himself in a somewhat surreal medical consultation. After extensive online research, he visits a psychiatrist seeking a diagnosis, only to discover he's a bit of a mishmash of various symptoms.

Directed by  Louise Hylland /Denmark/

Odyssey DC

A journey to enlightment

Directed by  Helen Esther Aschauer /

The Stage In Heart

The heart's stage captures a young singer's pursuit to form a band despite producer rejection. Meet D, our protagonist, deeply invested in a personally significant performance. Through D's perspective, we reveal our unwavering commitment to filmmaking dreams, embracing challenges as we strive for our ultimate stage.

Directed by  XIANG CAO /United States/


Music Video directed by  Jonas Helmersson /Sweden/

Oh Sweet Love

Central to this musical journey is the visually stunning music video, a collaborative effort between Younique and videographer Brian Hughes. Filmed over five days in the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand, the duo embarked on a self-funded journey, covering over 2000 kilometers in a campervan and stopping at eight unique locations. The result is a visual spectacle, a testament to Younique's dedication and the unparalleled beauty of New Zealand.

Directed by  Brian Hughes / New Zealand/

100% Hyaku Paasento

Extending the concept with an Eastern aesthetic in music, the four members are transformed into visual of Eastern gods, symbolizing the triumphant appearance of the U:NUS champions and presenting indispensable yet distinct characteristics for each.

Directed by  Parker Shen /Taiwan/

Tritiyo Ripu (The Third Sin)

A mysterious woman travelling with a mysterious box and a greedy cart driver with his eyes on it. But everything is not what it seems. Greed never forgives.

Directed by  Ayan Sil /India/


In the heartwarming childhood love story entitled "Waiting", we follow the journey of a lonely primary school girl, Aisyah, who develops a secret crush on her best friend, Amir. They share a special bond, always having lunch together and sharing laughter that echoes through the corridors of their school.

Directed by  Zuliana Mohd Eusoff /Malaysia/

Váthos - Burning Red

Directed by Bîrcă Ramona Marianti /Romania/

Spider Lace 

A spider faced doll gets lost in a dreamy journey through a sand dune

Music Video shot on standard 8mm film, featuring a new song from Everly Lux : Spider Lace.

Directed by  Noémie Gilbert /Canada/

'Bird Of Prey' by Born Again Virgin

The video is set in 1994 at an award ceremony for an unnamed pyramid scheme.

We focus on the presenter played by the artist. The charismatic but disturbed leader is presenting awards to the "top three salespeople of 1994!”.
Karen idolises the presenter and we witness her meticulously preparing for the awards.

During the awards, Karen becomes disgruntled when her idol mocks her emotional response when she receives 1st place.

In a primitive outburst, Karen beats the presenter to death with her trophy. Karen thus rises and becomes the new leader of the scheme!

Directed by  Tom Patrick Coley /United Kingdom/

Atrium - "Choked by Smoke" (Official Music Video)

Victims struggle to escape present worldwide fires

Directed by Thomas Crane

To Night

“The past is the present. It's the future, too.” - Eugene O'Neill.

Addressing themes of urban existence, desire, and despondency, "To Night" serves as a symbolic letter to ourselves in the nights. Though the road is concrete, the night stretches long, for it spells not merely tonight, but endless nights ahead.

Directed by  Rui Wang /China/

Pictures at an Exhibition
Human beings frozen as if they were statues are visiting the "Electric Self Contemporary Art Museum," a large video installation where autonomously generated analog images are transmitted by machines, the "feedbacks" of the tradition of video art history. Energy is the common thread of the exhibition. Visitors to the museum are monitored by a mysterious creature that governs different ways of enjoying the exhibit. A giant female figure made of pixels absorbs visitors' bodies and performs a dance that turns the museum into a dancefloor. The museum of the future is a symbiosis of bodies, images and music, a radical interactive experience that produces the ultimate metamorphosis and the birth of a new creature.

Directed by Alessandro Amaducci /Italy/

Déjà-vu - D Ukingo
In the Afro-Beats music video DÉJÀ-VU, chaos and falling in love meet in virtual space. Follow the protagonists through a virtual infatuation inspired by the colourful and vibrant landscapes of African art. In a breathtaking digital world, the boundaries between reality and fantasy become blurred, while the rhythms determine the emotions. From the joyful chaos of approach to the electrifying joy of touch. DÉJÀ-VU was created as a final project in the postgraduate Motion Design programme at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Mimi Maxaieie was supervised by Alexander Hanowski and Prof. Dr Heike Sperling.

Directed by  Mimi Maxaieie /Germany/

I had a dream

Sand animation video "I had a dream" dedicated to the anniversary of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Directed by  Svetlana Telbukh /Ukraine/

Hate Machine

In the society of spectacle, humans try to seek the truth, but this may not be found in the illusion of machines.

Directed by THÉO TONATIU LENOBLE /France/

A flying saucer lands on Earth with a single passenger - a huge alien heart. He needs to convey an important message to people: instructions with dance movements that can unite the most diverse hearts of people. But in a huge city, it's not so easy for the heart to talk to someone without knowing the human language. It seems that the language of the heart (the language of the heart is its rhythm) can only be understood by Anton MS, an employee of an animal shelter. Anton is not like everyone else, he feels the rhythm of his heart and constantly dances to music in headphones. Sad and scared by street gangs, the heart turns out to be in a cafe, where Anton unexpectedly comes with his four-legged friend. The heart has finally met a man who understands it, but suddenly the same street gang intervenes, who, like Anton, felt the same rhythm, and now there is definitely no avoiding the dance

Directed by  Mariia Zhemchuzhina /Russian Federation/

All My Love

Director: Rodrigo Pedras   |  Producer: Rodrigo Pedras, João Severo

Portuguese singer-songwriter Ben Moon combines R&B and POP with the melodic sound of the 90s and 80s, in a powerful retro-futuristic style. "First Impact", his debut album, promises cathartic, vulnerable and sensual storytelling in a unique voice. Inspired by his own fight for acceptance and second chances, he brings us the first single "All my Love".


Director: Persia White |  Writer: Persia White   |  Producer: Persia White

A woman spellbound by a man she can't help falling for, on a desperate journey into a dark abyss of desire, she is taken in by him, as she falls deeper into madness, upon her final decent, she realizes she is in love with a vampire.

Edge of Horizon

Director: Theano Kapareli  |  Writer:Theano Kapareli   |   Producer: Theano Kapareli
music video made for the band