All My Love

Director: Rodrigo Pedras   |  Producer: Rodrigo Pedras, João Severo

Portuguese singer-songwriter Ben Moon combines R&B and POP with the melodic sound of the 90s and 80s, in a powerful retro-futuristic style. "First Impact", his debut album, promises cathartic, vulnerable and sensual storytelling in a unique voice. Inspired by his own fight for acceptance and second chances, he brings us the first single "All my Love".


Director: Persia White |  Writer: Persia White   |  Producer: Persia White

A woman spellbound by a man she can't help falling for, on a desperate journey into a dark abyss of desire, she is taken in by him, as she falls deeper into madness, upon her final decent, she realizes she is in love with a vampire.

Edge of Horizon

Director: Theano Kapareli  |  Writer:Theano Kapareli   |   Producer: Theano Kapareli
music video made for the band